Premium and industrial wood pellets

Industrial pellets

We are industrial pellet producer in the Baltics and one of the leaders for adopting the latest sustainability and quality requirements. This makes us a reliable long term partner for the energy sector.
We can load pellets on ships, bulk vehicles or containers
Quality: I1, I2 and Enplus A2
Main ports: Pärnu, Muuga and Kunda
Bulk shipments: 6 000 to 25 000 tonnes

Premium pellets

Our premium pellets meet the highest quality requirements and we supply our premium pellets with a consistently light colour.
Premium 6mm pellets are available in Bulk, Bigbags, Consumer bags and Silotrucks
Quality: ENplus A1

A-pellet Branded products

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Premium 6mm pellets are available in 10kg or 15kg plastic bags or big bags.
Quality: ENplus A1

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