SBP Stakeholder Consultation

In December of this year Warmeston OÜ will have the re-certification audit of its Sustainable Biomass Program™ (SBP) chain of custody system ( The audit is undertaken according to the requirements of the applicable SBP standards which can be found from their webpage:

In the scope of Warmeston’s SBP certificates is the Supply Base Evaluation process. During the re-certification audit the auditors will assess among other how the specified risks identified in the SBP’s endorsed Regional Risk Assessment for Estonia ( have been mitigated and whether these mitigation measures are effective. According to the results of the risk assessment Warmeston OÜ has developed control procedures under the Supply Base Evaluation process to avoid sourcing Estonian primary and secondary feedstock that has been harvested from woodland key habitants. A more detailed overview of Warmeston OÜ’s Supply Base Evaluation procedure is given in the Supply Base Reports available on Warmeston OÜ’s webpage:

Warmeston OÜ welcomes comments related to the Supply Base Evaluation procedure from all stakeholders by e-mail to until 2nd October 2020.