1. Small package

15kg small bag, 65 bags on a pallet. We sell pellets under our own brand A-Pellet, but we will also package pellets into our client's bags, if required. The packing line allows packing pellets into 7-20kg packages. 

Our own A-Pellet package includes EN A1 certification code and detailed information about the pellets in the package in six languages.

2. Big bag

We sell pellets in 1 ton big bags. Big bags have two handles and they are loaded on a trailer without a pallet.

3. Bulk wood pellet sale at the factory

We are capable of loading bulk wood pellets into various top loading trailers and tanker trucks as well as shipping containers through the back door.

4. Bulk wood pellet sale at ports

We sell bulk wood pellets at the ports of Pärnu and Tallinn. It is also possible to buy pellets from us under DAP, FOB and CIF delivery terms. Our partner in transporting, storing and loading pellets is CFS Eesti AS.

5. Pellet quality characteristics

Pellets produced by Warmeston OÜ meet the EN A1 quality conditions.
Our certificate number is EE 007 and also EE 009.


Our partner in quality monitoring is IMCS Estonia.